Security, Support, & Response

YAMASec provides tailor-made, comprehensive solutions to clients with diverse and complicated operations needs. Our mission support solutions comprise fully-integrated life support, detailed project planning, logistics management, customized training, comprehensive security details, state-of-the-art communications systems, and real-time intelligence gathering for updated contingency plans.

Corporate clients, private business people, and NGOs can depend on YAMASec's security teams to escort executives, protect assets, and provide risk assessments even in the most difficult environments. YAMASec's support teams work alongside our security officers to develop project and operations logistics, monitor clients' progress, offering full support, complete with emergency and medical response in the event of injury, disaster, political and/or social unrest, or worse. Our response capabilities extend far beyond what many of the most extreme insurance policies can provide, and for this reason, YAMASec's teams are retained as emergency response providers and sub-contracted by larger security companies offering our services as emergency evacuation packages to clients operating in difficult and often high-risk environments.