Law Enforcement

• Technology & Equipment
• Enhancement of Capabilities
• Advanced Training
• Counter Terrorism & Anti Terrorism
• Intelligence Gathering
• Surveillance & Counter Surveillance
• Crime Scene Management & Investigations
• Interrogations
• Polygraph

On a global scale, as criminal capabilities and technologies increase, the law enforcement mission becomes exceedingly more challenging. Criminal and terrorist activities threaten to cause harm to civilian populations and ultimately destabilize society. As agencies meet these challenges, they must train functionally to prepare for tomorrow’s problems. Police must be alert, disciplined, well trained and equipped in order to keep the peace, prevent unrest, and solve crimes.

YAMASec law enforcement trainers were top officers with international police and govenment agencies (both intelligence and operational branches). Their extensive field experience operating against exceptionally violent criminals and terrorist organizations makes their knowledge an asset for any police or government agency. The YAMASec law enforcement training includes instruction in both the operational and intelligence side of law enforcement duties, offering fully comprehensive training.

YAMASec can enhance existing law enforcement capabilities or assist organizations with the foundation of new units, providing equipment and training for all areas of law enforcement from basic patrol and arrest techniques to advanced courses in leadership, forensics, or undercover operations.